The Truth About Ariana Grande’s Height

She is one of today's biggest recording artists with three chart-topping albums to her credit, and 23-year-old Ariana Grande has come a long way in a very short time from her beginnings as a TV star on Nickelodeon's Victorious.

Grande's surname, which means large in Italian, takes on an ironic twist considering her 5-foot stature. Nevertheless, with a range that spans four octaves, Ariana's voice is massive.

An Impressive Recording Career

Grande recorded her debut album, Yours Truly, over a 3-year period while she was still starring on her Nickelodeon TV show. Released in 2013, the album debuted at number one, eventually reaching platinum status.

She quickly followed up that success with the release of her second album, My Everything, soon after her TV show left the air in 2014. This release also entered the album chart at number one. Critics recognized it as being a more complex release by an artist who is consciously moving away from her kid-friendly image.

Continuing her pace of releasing an album per year, 2015 saw Dangerous Woman come out. On it, Grande continued to explore new musical ground while still offering chart-topping hits.

Clearly, Ariana has not allowed her diminutive stature to stand in the way of her success. Nevertheless, she has probably faced many of the day-to-day challenges that arise from being a short woman.

The Humiliating Behaviour of Others

Many shorter women complain about feeling marginalized because of their height. It's very common for them to be called cute because of their size. While it is surely meant as a compliment, it's also a little bit condescending. Cute is usually what you would call a pet or a child, not an adult. Some women report a tendency by some people to pat them on the head or even pick them up, without warning or permission.

Being a Short Woman in a Relationship with a Taller Man

There are some obvious romantic challenges associated with being a shorter woman, especially if your partner is significantly taller than you are. The usual displays of affection like kissing, making out and even holding hands can feel physically awkward.

Other Struggles That Only Short Women Know

Every day, obstacles present themselves before a shorter person that a woman of average height might never experience. Ranging from constantly having to look up to speak to anyone, trouble reaching items placed on higher shelves in stores to the nightmarish experience of trying to see around the people in front of you at a concert or show, or trying to find fashionable clothes that fit; it can be a very frustrating experience.

Height Insoles for Women

People often only think of height insoles or heel lifts as things that are exclusively for use by shorter men. Really, they are a great option for women too. With height insoles, you can gain a few inches in height without having to resort to wearing high heels. They can be inserted into just about any kind of shoe to provide comfort, stability, and extra height.

So, if Ariana Grande ever becomes tired of the daily troubles that come with being only 5 feet tall, she should give height insoles in her shoes a try. And so should you.