How Tall Is Brad Pitt, Really?

There's a debate that has been going on for quite some time on various Internet discussion groups about Brad Pitt's height. A search on Google reveals that he measures 5'11", which is roughly the average height for white American males.

An Incredibly Successful Actor

52-year-old Pitt first reached the public’s attention with a small yet pivotal role in 1991's Thelma and Louise directed by Ridley Scott. His subsequent roles revealed a leading man who was equally adept in dramas, comedies and action pictures. With two Academy Award nominations to his credit, some of his film highlights include Fight Club, Seven, Inglorious Basterds, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Oceans 11 as well as its two sequels.

He also received a great deal of attention for life off screen through the years. His romantic life was fodder for the tabloids, starting with his relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, followed by his five-year marriage to Friends star Jennifer Aniston and finally the relationship with his current wife, Angelina Jolie. People Magazine also twice named him Sexiest Man Alive, first in 1995 then in 2000.

What's The Debate?

Most of the online discussions and debates about how tall celebrities are seek to cut stars down to size, quite literally. Conversations tend to revolve around how much shorter stars really are then they claim to be.

In Pitt’s case, however, the opposite seems to be happening. Some of his fans insist that he's actually taller than has been reported. Some have suggested that this may be because Pitt always has outstanding posture, making him appear to be taller when standing alongside other 5'11" men who slouch. Another possible explanation for his taller appearance may be due to protective footwear he sometimes wears to protect his Achilles tendon following an injury on the set of Troy.

Height Bias

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Brad Pitt height debate is the unwillingness of his fans to accept that he might be of average height. Could this be another example of heightist tendencies within our society? Why else could there be such an avid resistance to the idea that one of this generation's top sex symbol is about average in height? Is there a belief in North American culture that says that one must be over 6 feet tall in order to be the sexiest man alive?

Seeking Help to Compensate

No matter if it's an overtly held belief that tall equals sexy or if it's merely an unconscious attitude, it does suggest that men who are average height or shorter are at a disadvantage.

A lot of guys go through life thinking that their height is their height and there isn't much they can do about it. That's not entirely true. You can take a cue from Brad and work on improving your posture so that you naturally stand without slouching all the time.

Of course, that may not be enough to make up the difference. When a few more inches are needed, you can try the solution that many shorter celebrities use all the time. Height insoles, or heel lifts, fit discreetly in your shoes to provide extra height. With Add Height brand shoe lifts, you get the latest in technology to provide outstanding support, stability and comfort that lasts all day long.