Is Drake Shorter Than Most Hip-Hop Artists?

Canadian rapper Drake is one of today's biggest hip-hop stars. His songs dominate the pop and hip-hop charts, while the number of guest appearances he continues to make on other artists’ songs are further evidence of his cred. The age of 15, Drake caught his first taste of fame when he landed a role on TVs Degrassi: The Next Generation. He would remain on the show until 2007, although his appearances were more sporadic in the later seasons. Meanwhile, his interest in music grew.

His three independently released mixtapes soon caught the attention of significant industry insiders, and before long, there was a bidding war between several labels.

His debut release, entitled Thank Me Later dropped in 2010. It quickly went to number one on the charts, as did 2011's Take Care and Nothing Was The Same from 2013.

It's clear that Drake is now a giant on the hip-hop scene. But how tall is he really, compared to other rappers? Does he need to wear shoe lifts, or can he stand among the taller rappers on his own? If the artwork from his latest album is to be believed, Drake literally is a giant!

Somebody Did the Math

How tall is Drake?

When the album artwork from his latest release, Views From The 6, featuring Drake sitting on the sky pod of Toronto's CN Tower, was made public, the Internet went nuts. Immediately, memes started popping up featuring Drake sitting on a variety of things, including the Death Star, the Seattle Space Needle and even Beyoncé's head.

But one ingenious individual used the specs of the tower in relation to Drake's height in the picture to mathematically deduce that Drake would have to measure 12 feet tall sitting down for that picture to be accurate. Certainly no shoe lifts would be necessary if that were true.

How Does Drake Measure Up To Other Rappers?

There's no doubt that, in the world of hip-hop, image is everything. We know that Drake isn't quite 12 feet tall, but he is taller than one of his earliest champions, Lil Wayne who is 5'5". If you've seen pictures of him at Raptors games, you'll notice that he has to look up to just about every player on the team.

Truth be told, at 6 feet, Drake stands more or less in the middle of the pack when it comes to the height of popular current male hip-hop stars. There’s not really a need for him to give shoe lifts a try, unless he wants to get a little closer to players on the Toronto Raptors.

At the shorter end of the scale, Kendrick Lamar joins Lil Wayne at 5'5". Others include T.I. (5'8"), Kanye West (5'9"), Eminem and ASAP Rocky (both 5'10").

In Hip-Hop, Height Could Make a Difference

A cursory look at the average height of today's top male hip-hop stars does suggest that height is a factor in projecting the right kind of image.

It seems numerous hip-hop superstars are above the national male average height of 5'10", and indeed several that are north of 6 feet. Some notable taller rappers include Dr. Dre, 50 Cent (both 6'), Chris Brown (6'1"), Jay-Z (6'2"), Wiz Khalifa and Snoop (both 6'4").

That may leave aspiring yet diminutive hip-hop artists asking themselves how they can get taller. The solution is easy and convenient. Through the use of shoe lifts discreetly placed inside their shoes, they could instantly gain as much as 2 inches in height. With that kind of help, they may soon be able to join the ranks of Drake.

So to answer the question ' How tall is Drake? ' Drake is 6'0".