Elevator Shoes

Author: Les Bernaice
Publication: Feb 19th 2016

An elevator shoe is a specific type of shoe. Its distinguishing factor is a thickened section under the heel, which as the name implies, help to elevate the wearer’s heel and thus make the wearer appear taller. Elevator shoes are similar in some ways to high heeled shoes, but unlike these, elevator shoes have thickened heels on the insoles, whereas high heels have tall heels as part of the outsoles. This means that the increased thickness of the sole under the heel is not usually visible from the outside of the shoe, which allows the shoe to be used to increase the height of its wearer discreetly. Much of the elevator market is centered around men’s shoes, primarily because there are few other common types of men’s shoes available that substantially boost the wearer’s height.

There are a number of different design components that go into making an elevator shoe. Like any other shoe, an elevator shoe has an upper portion of material and an outsole on the bottom. Elevator shoes also usually have two insole pieces: an insole and a mid-insole or midsole that goes between the insole and the outsole. The two insole pieces are usually where a majority of the hidden height boost that the shoe provides is created, since these pieces are the least visible from the outside of the shoe. One of the pieces, usually the insole, will have a tall solid heel; as a result, this piece of the shoe resembles a shoe lift. Many of these insoles have arched heels, but some newer types possess a raised flat sole with no arched heel, with the intention of providing greater stability and comfort.

While the insole of an elevator shoe does resemble a shoe lift, elevator shoes can provide a substantially greater height boost than a shoe lift in a normal shoe. This is because the entire shoe is built around the larger insole and midsole, and provides more space for an insole that is larger than a standard shoe lift. An independent shoe lift in a normal shoe may increase height by about an inch at most, while an elevator shoe insole can increase height by two or more inches, with a little bit of an added height boost from the thick outsole of the elevator shoe.

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