Can I run in my ADD HEIGHT insoles?

Though you can walk comfortably in them all day, we don’t recommend any high intensity
exercise. Simply because you’re not accustomed to your new height and would naturally make
movements that might throw you off balance.

Can I wash my ADD HEIGHT insoles?

We do not recommend washing your ADD HEIGHT insoles.

What is ADD HEIGHT’s 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy?
We’re so confident that you’ll love what the ADD HEIGHT insole delivers, that we’re willing to
offer a 30 day money back guarantee, just pay the shipping and handling.

How do I choose the correct size?

The ADD HEIGHT insole is made to fit all popular shoe sizes. One of the benefits of a heel
insole is that it won’t compromise the length in your shoe.

How long do the ADD HEIGHT insoles last?

The high grade materials used in the ADD HEIGHT insoles are made to last years under your

Can the ADD HEIGHT insole be transferred from shoe to shoe?

Yes, the ADD HEIGHT insoles are 100% transferable and can be easily moved from one shoe
to the other so you can enjoy your new height with variety.

Can the ADD HEIGHT insole be used with other insoles or lifts?

For safety reasons, we do not recommend combining other insole or lifts products with the ADD
HEIGHT insole.

How can I use the ADD HEIGHT insole for my everyday shoes?

Simply put the ADD HEIGHT insole securely in the heel of the shoe and you’re ready to go!

Do I need to trim the ADD HEIGHT insoles?
No. There is no need to adjust or modify the ADD HEIGHT insole as it’s ready for use straight
out of the box!

Does the ADD HEIGHT insole come in different colors?

No. For the time being, the ADD HEIGHT insole comes only in one stylish color.