How Tall is Gigi Hadid?

Jelena Noura "Gigi" Hadid (born April 23, 1995) is an American fashion model and television personality. She was named one of the 12 rookies in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue in 2014. She has also appeared on the reality TV series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which her mother Yolanda Hadid has starred since season three in 2012. In November 2014, Hadid made her debut in the Top 50 Models ranking on popular website

Would Gigi Hadid wear height insoles?

Absolutely. Standing at 5'10 she’s not ashamed of using any means of increasing her height. From high heels to wedges, she’s not one to sacrifice being taller for style. So when it comes to flat boots or shoes she never hesitates to put in a heel insert. Of course, being a woman of her upbringing she goes for the highest quality shoe lift out there. Add Height is the most comfortable heel lift on the market today.

Other Benefits of Shoe Lifts & Height Increasing Insoles

There’s a reason why many short Hollywood stars and entertainers rely on shoe lifts. In addition to making themselves taller, men’s shoe lifts are a discrete way to ensure that their image and brand is on point. Many men rely on their height as part of their identity and a way to assert themselves over others. When it comes to feeling confident, height is part of the whole package. Height increasing insoles help improve confidence for shorter guys in addition to helping reduce impact stress on their joints, feet, and ankles. It’s also been proven that standing on your toes helps improve metabolic health while making a person stand taller with better posture. Better posture involves engaging your core and will already work to improve your height.

Why We think Gigi wears Add Height Shoe Lifts?

Add Height shoe lifts use an innovative polyvinyl material to discretely add height and comfort to any of your shoes. The lifts simply slip into your shoes. The polyvinyl material is complemented by several other layers including a silicone gel to add comfort and reduce impact stress as well as a memory foam layer on top for ultimate comfort and temperature regulation.

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So to answer the question, how tall is Gigi Hadid? She's 5'10!