Height Insoles Vs. Elevator Shoes – What are the Differences?

Many people are now trying to find the best way to increase their height. An improved stature can have numerous social benefits, including increased respect in the workplace and greater chances of making that romantic connection. But with multiple techniques available to add height, it’s important to look at the benefit of each option. In this post, we’ll examine two particular shoe lifts: height insoles and elevator shoes, and explain the differences between the two.

Elevator Shoes Have a Built-in Insole

A principal difference between the two shoe lifts is that the insole within elevator shoes is built right into the shoe. While this presents a small advantage in that the user doesn’t have to move the shoe lift from one shoe to another, it also means that users are limited by their fashion choices. Height insoles can be used as a shoe lift and simply placed into any shoe. This means the user can match the height insole with work shoes and with shoes they wear for social occasions. Often, elevator shoes are unsuitable for formal occasions and workplaces, and can only be worn during social time.

Elevator Shoes May Look Distinctive

One of the most common issues wearers have with elevator shoes is that it is rather obvious that an elevator shoe is being worn. Many people can tell the difference between an elevator shoe and a normal shoe lifts. This can make the person wary of wearing the shoe in places where their footwear will be easily visible.

It can also make the person less confident in his or her own appearance, despite the addition of height. Height insoles are designed to fit seamlessly in any shoe as a shoft lift. This means nobody can tell when the person is wearing height insoles, and the wearer can complete their day-to-day activities without considering their footwear and its appearance.

Elevator Shoes Are Often Expensive

Another of the leading challenges associated with elevator shoes is their cost. Many people don’t have the disposable income to buy elevator shoes at a moment’s notice, while the leading height insoles such as Add Height insoles are available at cost-effective pricing and can be purchased without making much of a dent in the budget. It’s clear that the latest height insoles have several advantages over elevator shoes for the modern wearer. To discuss your height insole options with a recognized specialist in the industry, call our trusted team directly and get your Add Height insoles today!.