How Does Johnny Galecki Always Seem As Tall As His Co-Stars?

For 10 Years, Johnny Galecki has had a starring role in one of North America's most popular sitcoms, playing Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on the CBS hit show Big Bang Theory. Heading up an ensemble cast that also includes Jim Parsons as his roommate Sheldon and Kaley Cuoco as his girlfriend Penny, Galecki has found stardom in this unlikely vehicle about a group of scientist friends.

His sharp wit and undeniable charm, combined with the romantic and sexual tension he shares with Cuoco, has transformed him into a most unexpected leading man.

Measuring a mere 5'5" tall, Galecki doesn't possess the tall, dark and handsome characteristics one most often associated with Hollywood stars.

A Long History in Hollywood

His stature was not an issue when Galecki first gained celebrity, starting with his role as teenaged smart alec Rusty Griswold in 1989's European Vacation. He then made the move to TV, joining the cast of Roseanne in its fourth season in the role of David Healy, Darlene's boyfriend. Every week, America watched his character, and Galecki himself, grow from an awkward teenager to a full-grown-man by the time the series ended five years later in 1997.

Following Roseanne, finding good adult roles became more difficult for Galecki. Perhaps his stature played a part in the reluctance of producers to entrust him with a leading role, or maybe he was too closely identified with his Roseanne character, but he would have to settle for smaller roles and guest spots for a few years.

It wasn't until 2006 when Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two and a Half Men, the hottest show on TV, was casting his next project that Galecki's fortunes changed.

For the role of Leonard, Lorre found just the right combination of wit and intelligence with a hint of geekiness in Galecki. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Masking His Height

If you're one of the Big Bang Theory's legions of fans, you may be wondering about Galecki's height. Sure, he doesn't look like a giant on TV, but he doesn't seem inordinately short either. It may seem surprising to you that an actor that’s 5'5" tall can appear to be of average height standing alongside his co-stars, who are mostly taller than he is. For example, Jim Parsons stands at 6'1" tall and Kaley Cuoco is 5'6".

Perhaps, the secret can be found in Galecki's shoes. A lot of Hollywood's top actors give themselves a vertical advantage through the use of heel lifts. They can gain several inches in stature simply by inserting one of these insoles into their shoes.

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