How Tall is Kevin Hart?

Fans of Kevin Hart know that if there's one thing he can always be counted on for, it’s cracking hysterical jokes. Not only is Hart hilariously funny, but he’s also a talented storyteller who’s able to do what few other comedians can—fill entire arenas with fans. While most stand-up comedians satisfy themselves with playing clubs and small theaters, Hart’s shows consistently pack stadiums with thousands of dedicated fans who are ready to laugh. As such, he's the first comedian in history to ever out-earn Jerry Seinfeld, ranking him as one of the highest paid comedians in the business.

Finding Success as an Actor and Comedian

Born in 1979, Kevin Hart was born and raised in Philadelphia. He started his career in the spotlight playing comedy clubs in and around New England and got his first acting break playing a recurring character on a short-running TV show in 2000. Since then, he's continued to perform to live audiences and on-screen, appearing in films such as Scary Movie 3, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Little Fockers, and more recently, the parody reality TV show Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Using His Physique as a Source of Inspiration

How tall is Kevin Hart?

If Hart is at all self-conscious about his 5-foot-4-inch stature, you'd certainly never know it. He regularly draws attention to his height in his shows, laughing along with thousands of people as he jokes about why he’ll never be tough because his legs don’t touch the ground when he sits: “Nothin tough about this,” he quips. “It don’t matter what you say—ain’t nobody gonna take you seriously if you swing your feet.” Rather than allowing others to make fun of him for his short stature, Hart embraces his height and uses his insecurities about it as inspiration for his jokes.

Hart’s shorter stature is especially prominent when he's seen standing with his family, as his wife, Eniko Parrish, stands several inches taller than him. The only time there was no noticeable difference in height between the two was when they appeared together in 70s-era costumes because Hart was wearing three- or four-inch platform shoes, bringing him to an equal height with his wife.

Although Hart seems comfortable with his height, he could make himself look taller instantly with the help of shoe lifts. These special height insoles can be inserted into almost any pair of shoes, giving the wearer added height immediately. In fact, if Hart put these special lifts for shoes into his footwear, he would always stand eye-to-eye with his wife, and would be easier to see on stage.

So the question is ‘ How tall is Kevin Hart? ‘ We say 5’4 without shoe lifts or lifts insoles for men.