How Tall is Mark Wahlberg?

Imagine, if you will, the quintessential Hollywood action star. He’s smart, fearless, good looking and physically fit, right? The guy you’re probably imagining is a lot like Mark Wahlberg, maybe it even is Mark Wahlberg. Either way, it’s clear that Wahlberg has all the traits associated with the perfect Hollywood action star. Which is why you can find him in movies such as Shooter, Max Payne, Pain and Gain and Transformers.

But did you know that despite Wahlberg’s impressive IMDB credits and legendary history as a rapper/singer/entertainer, he’s actually on the shorter side of the male celebrity height range?

How Tall is Mark Wahlberg?

Marky Mark as he’s known to many is one man in Hollywood that would certainly benefit from shoe lifts for men. At just 5’7” he’s a full two inches shorter than his wife, model, Rhea Dunham. On screen, his height is not usually noticeable because of his buff physique and intense acting skills, but on the red carpet, Wahlberg can’t hide the fact that his stature is smaller than the screen portrays unless he uses lifts for shoes. So, How Tall is Mark Wahlberg? He is 5’7”.

Why Would Mark Wahlberg Use Shoe Lifts

Actors like Mark Wahlberg rely heavily on their physical appearance as part of their general aesthetic and look. While Wahlberg’s muscles and temperament paint an intimidating picture, his short height may take away from his brand. Height insoles or lifts for men can help shorter guys gain at least two or three inches which would take Wahlberg from 5’7” to 5’9” or 5’10”, a much more reasonable height for such a prominent action star.

Benefits of Add Height Shoe Lifts

Men’s shoe lifts answer a resounding yes to the question, “Can you make yourself taller?” Without gimmicks, surgery or discomfort, these shoe lifts simply insert in your shoes to add height.

Specifically, Add Height shoe lifts for men are designed with comfort in mind. They are made from a patent-pending polyvinyl, silicone gel and memory foam with the same care and consideration as expensive orthotics. The polyvinyl provides height and support while the silicone provides comfort and shock absorption. The memory foam layer provides additional comfort and temperature regulation, meaning your feet will never overheat while wearing the shoe lifts.

It’s also been proven that standing on your toes forces a better posture. It strengthens the core and improves your metabolic health. By using men’s shoe lifts, you won’t only notice a height increase from the lift itself, you will also stand taller and feel more confident.

So How Tall is Mark Wahlberg? He is 5’7”.

So take it from famous actors like Mark Wahlberg, he’s got everything going for him except his height, but thankfully with the help of men’s shoe lifts, he can control that too. Find out how you can get taller and gain more confidence with shoe lifts for men today.