The Problems with Most Shoe Lifts on the Market

Shoe lifts have helped to transform the lives of many people struggling to reach their optimal height. They give wearers the confidence they need to take on the world and the many challenges that surround them. But the average shoe lift still has many functional issues. At Add Height, we’ve created a product designed to resolve these challenges. In this article, we thought we’d highlight the problems we found with most shoe lifts on the market today.

No Support

Many of the products in the marketplace provide the user with no support while walking. This lack of support can mean that foot and back areas absorb the large majority of the shock from walking on hard surfaces. It’s why we’ve added silicone gel to our Add Height height insoles to ensure the optimal level of arch support while moving.

Uncomfortable to Use

Another issue shoe lift wearers face is that the standard lifts are difficult to use. They move around within the shoe, making them feel uncomfortable even for those that are wearing them for a short period of time. It’s important to find a shoe lift product that is designed to be easily integrated into the shoe for stable performance over a long period of time.

Not Ergonomically Designed

Often, shoe lift products are not designed to fit the shape of a person’s foot. They’re designed based on the shape of a shoe. This can mean that the product places pressure on areas throughout the foot, causing significant pain after use. Our Add Height product has been designed harnessing memory foam material in an ergonomic shape based on the biomechanics of the foot. This means that pressure is minimized and the product itself takes the vast majority of the shock during movement, instead of the foot.

Made with Cheap Materials

A common complaint in the shoe lift industry is that the products for sale are made primarily from cheap materials. It’s true that many products are simply not designed for our fast-paced environment, and many lose their performance quickly within a short timeframe.

It’s why we’ve taken the time to ensure our lifts are constructed from millions of high-density memory foam cells, with a patent-pending polyvinyl foundation for long-term performance durability. This design helps our customers remain comfortable over many years of Add Height use and ensures our product remains one of the best options for the proactive buyer.

To learn more about the various issues associated with modern shoe lifts, call our expert team directly!