How tall is The Weeknd?

One of the hottest entertainers right now is The Weeknd. His numerous hit singles, certified platinum albums, mixtapes, collaborations and more have made him one of the fastest-rising stars out of The 6 since Drake himself. But what Drake has that The Weeknd is lacking is height. At only 5’8” The Weeknd or his real name, Abel Tesfaye, is on the list of one of the shortest male singers in today’s music landscape.

Could The Weeknd Benefit from Men’s Shoe Lifts or Height Insoles?

Shoe lifts or height insoles as they are sometimes called, are the best way for shorter guys to increase their height by up to three inches. They are discrete, simply slipping into any one of your shoes. At 5’8”, The Weeknd could definitely benefit from lifts for men especially when you consider his gorgeous supermodel girlfriend, Bella Hadid. The model-of-the-moment Hadid is 5’9” in flats, which, makes her tower over The Weeknd at events, and parties where she’s likely to wear four-to-six-inch heels. With simple men’s shoe lifts, The Weeknd could get close to to 6’0” tall and better match his beautiful girlfriend.

Other Benefits of Shoe Lifts & Height Increasing Insoles

There’s a reason why many short Hollywood stars and entertainers rely on shoe lifts. In addition to making themselves taller, men’s shoe lifts are a discrete way to ensure that their image and brand is on point. Many men rely on their height as part of their identity and a way to assert themselves over others. When it comes to feeling confident, height is part of the whole package. Height increasing insoles help improve confidence for shorter guys in addition to helping reduce impact stress on their joints, feet, and ankles. It’s also been proven that standing on your toes helps improve metabolic health while making a person stand taller with better posture. Better posture involves engaging your core and will already work to improve your height.

Why We Believe The Weeknd Uses Add Height Insoles?

The difference with Add Height shoe lifts for men is in the details. Several layers provide support throughout the body. We start with an innovative polyvinyl layer designed to add height in your shoes. A silicone gel layer provides reduced impact stress on your knees and ankles while a layer of memory foam at the top provides comfort and temperature control. Essentially, Add Height heel lifts help add height while also supporting your ankles, knees, and other joints while you walk and move. This is perfect for a performer who is always on his feet like The Weeknd. So to answer the original question: “ How tall is The Weeknd? “ He is 5’8.

If you’re looking to gain confidence and increase your height by up to three inches, try Add Height shoe lifts for men today!