Why Tom Cruise Chooses Heel Lifts To Get Taller

There's no denying that Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's biggest stars of the last four decades. From his notable on-screen debut in 1981’s Taps to the mid ‘80s breakout roles in such blockbusters as Top Gun and Cocktail right through to more recent massive hits like the 5 Mission Impossible movies, Jack Reacher and Edge Of Tomorrow, his resume reads like a list of the most significant films of the last 35 years with very few missteps.

Success in a Height-Biased Business

There's no denying that the man is talented, both as an actor and in his ability to choose the projects that will connect with his audience. Perhaps what makes his long-standing success in an industry that is renowned for being image-obsessed is the fact that, as leading men go, Tom Cruise isn't very tall. Measuring only 5'7", indeed one of Hollywood's biggest stars really isn't all that big in stature.

Taller Costars

Nevertheless, Tom Cruise can project authority, strength, and power in his many action-oriented films. And as a romantic leading man, opposite co-stars who are taller than him, the audience never notices or questions the reality of the couple.

Some of his best-remembered leading ladies are in fact significantly taller than he is. These include his Top Gun co-star, Kelly McGillis at 5'10", his first wife and co-star in Eyes Wide Shut, Nicole Kidman who is 5'11" and two-time co-star Cameron Diaz at 5’8½” inches who appeared with Cruise in Vanilla Sky and Knight & Day. Among the many actors with whom he has shared the screen, the one where height was least an issue was his Rain Man co-star Dustin Hoffman who is, in fact, an inch shorter than Cruise.

Tom Cruise’s Secret

If you've seen his movies, chances are you never even noticed the height difference between Tom Cruise and his leading ladies, even when they are wearing heels. You may be wondering how this is possible. Many of his films rely heavily on special effects and CGI, but no such movie magic was required.

Although he has never publicly confirmed it, it is a widely speculated and generally accepted fact that Cruise uses height insoles to make up the difference.

Comfort and Convenience

What Cruise has discovered is that using shoe lifts, like Add Height, to gain a few inches is an easy and comfortable solution to a very common problem. With a taller appearance, he can project greater confidence, authority, and presence on screen.

And if he's wearing Add Height insoles, he’s getting greater arch support, stability, and comfort for those long days on the set.

With three Oscar nominations to his credit, and starring roles in over 35 films that have grossed close to $3.6 billion, Cruise is among Hollywood's most bankable and successful actors in history. Clearly, heel lifts have been an important part of his winning formula. And with Add Height insoles, you can make them part of yours too.