Information About Tom Hardy’s Height

Starring as the brick-wall-sized Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy solidified himself in Hollywood as a bankable star for physical and dramatic roles. It’s hard to believe then, that his height in real life puts him a full three inches shorter than his Dark Knight co-star Christian Bale. So how do actors like Tom Hardy appear taller on-screen and on the red carpet? The easy answer: men’s shoe lifts.

So, How Tall is Tom Hardy?

If you have followed Hardy’s career, you’ll notice he is often playing larger-than-life characters. From playing a suave spy in films like This Means War to playing hardened criminals in British movies like Bronson and Rocknrolla, Tom Hardy is known for his swagger and confidence. This was even more present in his most recent action flick, Mad Max: Fury Road. Which is why many people wouldn’t believe when questioned, How tall is Tom Hardy? He is 5’9”.

Once describing himself as a “petite bourgeois boy from London,” Hardy is no stranger to working with taller cast mates such as Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Charlize Theron. Men’s shoe lifts help Hardy stand his ground on the same level as these taller actors.

Benefits of Height Insoles

Sometimes called height increasing insoles or shoe lifts, these products can make yourself taller by simply inserting them into your shoes. They can add up to three inches of height (enough to make the real-life Bane go eye-to-eye with the real-life Batman!) There are many other benefits to shoe lifts that include:

  • Improved confidence.
  • Engaged core muscles and better metabolic health.
  • Better posture
  • A discreet way to add height.
  • Provides ankle support and foot support for better knees and joints.

Why Choose AddHeight?

Actors like Tom Hardy rely on their physical appearance to book jobs and maintain their image and brand. This includes maintaining the idea that they are the tall, physically fit hero portrayed in their films. Men’s shoe lifts like the ones by Add Height are the best way for shorter men like Tom Hardy to get at least two or three inches taller.

AddHeight shoe lifts use an innovative polyvinyl material to discretely add height and comfort to any of your shoes. The lifts simply slip into your shoes. The polyvinyl material is complemented by several other layers including a silicone gel to add comfort and reduce impact stress as well as a memory foam layer on top for ultimate comfort and temperature regulation.

With Add Height heel lifts for shoes, you can easily become taller while gaining the confidence and swagger of Tom Hardy. Find out how Add Height men’s shoe lifts can change your life today!

So to sum up the question: How tall is Tom Hardy? He is 5’9” .