Does Zac Efron Need To Wear Shoe Lifts To Gain Height?

Standing at 5'8", Zac Efron is indeed shorter than the average. In America, the average height for white men is 5'10". Efron joins a long list of successful shorter actors that includes Tom Cruise (5'7"), Robert Downey Jr. (5'8"), Dave Franco (5'7"), and Daniel Radcliffe (5'5").

The numbers of lead actors who are shorter than the average are proof that you don't need to be tall to achieve success in Hollywood. That being said, however, it does go against the commonly held belief that a leading man should be tall dark and handsome.

Tricks to Look Taller

On a movie set, the costume designer or wardrobe person can help make choices that will provide a taller appearance. These include dressing monochromatically to avoid breaking the body’s line, choosing shorter shirts and avoiding horizontal stripes. Standing straight and keeping the hairstyle short can also help to achieve a taller appearance.

Zac Efron’s Rise to Success

Zac Efron's career as an actor began with a few guest appearances on such TV series as ER and Firefly. But it wasn't until he landed the lead role in the TV movie High School Musical that 19-year-old Efron achieved teenage heartthrob status.

After two High School Musical sequels, he began expanding his range with more challenging adult oriented dramatic roles. He also worked to distance himself from his Disney good boy persona with appearances in R-rated comedies and by building a more buff, muscular physique.

Challenges That Shorter Actors Face

Even though there's a willingness in Hollywood to accept shorter actors in leading roles, it can still stand as a barrier. Producers and directors often can have difficulty picturing the actor in romantic situations with an actress who may be taller than him, especially if she wears heels.

To help eliminate this common objection, Zac Efron would do well in using a solution that many of his fellow actors have employed with great success. Height insoles discreetly slip into almost any pair of shoes to provide as much as 3 inches in height, going virtually undetected.

Height insoles aren’t just for Hollywood superstars. They're great for just about anyone who isn't satisfied with his or her height. Add Height shoe lifts are made from top quality, durable materials to provide superior comfort, stability, and arch support. Using these can provide an extraordinary boost in self-confidence and make anyone feel more like a movie star.